I’ve always been a reader. When I was young, I often escaped household chores because my mother allowed me to sit in the big red chair in the living room and read. When I grew up, I taught literature. I’m not sure what prompted me to begin writing creatively. Perhaps it was a desire to tell my children, who were in junior high at the time, about me—if they’d listen. I had to tell a good story; it couldn’t be boring or preachy. I learned to write at my dining room table with loud music and kids doing homework. I read to my dogs, whose ears pricked up—or didn’t. When my children were in college, I edited art and literary magazines and received an MFA in creative writing. I taught at the University of Minnesota and for many years at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I still teach a variety of workshops. I’m inspired by the opportunity to help others discover their own way with words.

Newest Book: If You Have Something to Say, Margaret can be ordered on BUY above or online with Amazon. I would love it if you would write a review on Amazon! Bookstores can also order the book and deliver it to you.

If You Have Something to Say, Margaret has won a Finalist Book Excellence Award. 

The book has also won an Elite Choice Award (a book award committed to honoring excellence in publishing worldwide): The judge had this to say about it: “If You Have Something to Say, Margaret is a collection of deeply personal poems that offer a rare and powerful look into a diverse set of complex topics including family, relationships, fear, and life. The poems vary in form and style but are consistent in their rich language and vivid imagery. Author Marge Barrett’s skillful writing is both captivating and in your face at the same time. Overall, this book offers a personal look at past and present moments in life in a unique, imaginative way.”

The book has also won a Readers’ Favorite Award. The reviewer’s description: “If You Have Something to Say, Margaret: Poems by Marge Barrett is a thought-provoking collection of poems. Through these poems, we gain insight into the author’s life, her faith and family, and her experiences while traveling the world. Marge Barrett describes many moments in life such as the security of growing up in a large family, the uncertainty of choosing a path in life, becoming a mother, and grieving the loss of a parent. The author also vividly captures snapshots in time, from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Beautiful descriptions of the natural world are given as the author recalls growing up in Minnesota and time spent by the water. With this collection of poems, Barrett depicts day to day occurrences and significant moments in life with clarity, compassion and heartfelt emotion.

If You Have Something to Say, Margaret: Poems by Marge Barrett are poems that read like vignettes from the author’s life. Barrett skillfully weaves all of the poems together while sharing the story of her life. I found it very interesting to learn about the author in this way. It was fascinating to learn that the author courageously made changes in her life when she felt that she needed to. These are poems that will make you laugh, think, and cry while reading them. Marge Barrett’s poetry is filled with emotions we can all relate to, with sadness, fear, joy, and hope. If You Have Something to Say, Margaret is a highly recommended read.”