I’ve always been a reader. When I was young, I often escaped household chores because my mother allowed me to sit in the big red chair in the living room and read. When I grew up, I taught literature. I’m not sure what prompted me to begin writing creatively. Perhaps it was a desire to tell my children, who were in junior high at the time, about me—if they’d listen. I had to tell a good story; it couldn’t be boring or preachy. I learned to write at my dining room table with loud music and kids doing homework. I read to my dogs, whose ears pricked up—or didn’t. When my children were in college, I edited art and literary magazines and received an MFA in creative writing. For the last twelve years, I’ve been teaching at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I also teach a variety of workshops. I’m inspired by the opportunity to help others discover their own way with words.

New News!

My poem, “To My Brother Tom,” has been selected for publication in this year’s Poetry Contest issue of Passager and my Bookshelf essay about the art of memory— “How to write about a day in a life?” —appeared in the July Minnesota Women’s Press magazine. I’m also quoted on ebooks2Go website about my experience working with them.

Called: The Making & Unmaking of a Nun, received a Five Star review from the Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest: https://readers favorite.com/book-review/called. Look up the title on their website under Book Reviews. It’s a great review! 

For another fine review of Called, click hereThe December 2016 issue of Midwest Book Review’s online magazine “Reviewer’s Bookwatch” includes Arianne Lehn’s review which first appeared on the Collegeville Institute’s web publication Bearings Online: http://www.midwestbookreview.com/rbw/dec_16.htm#r


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